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SAFE SPACE Technology has come to Shugrue's!

SAFE SPACE Technology has come to Lake Havasu!  For those of you who have been wondering if it's safe to dine in our local restaurants, Tim Shugrue has now installed Vollara's Air & Surface Air Purifiers in all 7 of our restaurants.

These machines are not filtration systems. Instead they use ActivePure technology (Super Oxidizers) which work 24/7 to kill air and surface contaminants and pathogens. Too good to be true? Well, it was created 25 years ago by NASA for the space station and tested in FDA-certified labs and found to be effective against RNA and DNA viruses like Coronaviruses, Swine Flu (H1N1), Noro Virus, Avian Bird Flu, Hepatitis A, bacteria, molds, fungus and a host of allergens. Within 15 minutes all trace of these contaminants have been 99.999% removed. These machines are currently being used in the Ground Zero Museum, thousands of homes and businesses, Care centers, Athletic Facilities, Doctor/dentist Offices, Vet Clinics, and approved for use in all Canadian Hospitals.

And this SAFE SPACE technology can NOW BE FOUND at all our locations... • Shugrues Restaurant Shugrues • Barley Brothers Brewery Barley Brothers Restaurant and Brewery • Javelina Cantina Javelina Cantina • Makai Cafe Makai Cafe • Tavern 95 (Southside) Tavern 95 • Legendz Sports Bar & Grill (Downtown Havasu) Legendz Bar and Grill • Flying X Saloon (Downtown Havasu) Flying X Saloon To learn more about protecting your home or business, Contact: Mark Rocchio 425-299-1338 For more info visit https://www.vollara.com

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